Kung Fu Corner

I'm a pretty big fan of kung fu movies. My interest is almost solely related to kung fu movies and not the actual practice of martial arts. As a young boy my dad signed my brother and I up for judo classes but I never took a liking to it. In hindsight that's a little strange since I always liked fighting with my brother growing up. I guess real life judo was boring compared to spectacular martial art sequences I saw in movies. 

I plan on reviewing various kung fu movies. I'll post all the reviews on the home page but I’ll archive them here for easy access. I'll be starting with a Jet Li movie I’ve never seen, Kiss of the Dragon, simply because most of my movies are packed away and I picked this up a few weeks ago. Expect a lot of Jackie Chan movie reviews because he's my favourite. 

Kiss of the Dragon starring Jet Li.
Kung Fu Hustle starring Stephen Chow.
Legend of the Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan.
Ip Man starring Donnie Yen.

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