I am chronicling my time playing Pokémon Heart Gold, from choosing my starter Pokémon until I defeat the Elite Four and more. My PokéJournals will be a collection of thoughts and comments on the game as I play it. I will also include additional information regarding my party Pokémon and my other accomplishments. All the updates will be posted here in one convenient location.

Update 001
Update 002
Update 003
Update 004
Update 005
Update 006
Update 007
Update 008
Update 009
Update 010
Update 011
Update 012
Update 013
Update 014
Update 015
Update 016
Update 017
Update 018 - coming soon

Here is another Pokémon related feature in which I look at a specific Pokémon or Pokémon family.

Pokémon Spotlight: Shuckle

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