Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mission Statement

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I want to share comics with people. I believe comics can and should be enjoyed by everyone. I’ve often convinced friends and coworkers to give them a try and in nearly all cases the individual in question responded positively and admitted their expectations were surpassed and their misconceptions incorrect.

I want to review and write about the comics I read. I want my blog to be content driven and to stay away from comic book “news”. I’m sure I’ll mention things from time to time but the focus won’t be there. Part of me doesn’t truly care about new comics. Not new in the sense that I think all comics past a certain year are not good comics but simply that I read most of my comics in collected form. There is no sense in me getting excited for a comic that comes out in six months but I’ll only read in a year or two later.

I also want to give myself some incentive to reread some of my comics. One of the advantages of collecting in trades is that the comics are easier to reread than single issues. They’re prominently displayed on my bookcases instead of being stashed away in a long box at the bottom of a closet under piles of other junk. It’s also extremely easy to carry around something that is bound as opposed to carrying several individual issues. It’s also easy to read a collection of comics on the bus.

Another reason for the blog is to provide a way for me to think about the comics I read on a deeper level than simply “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it”. It allows me to really think about what worked and what didn’t work.

A third reason for this blog is, in my opinion, the lack of discussion about the content of comics. Maybe that’s a problem only I face or maybe it’s that the websites I’m aware of do not talk about comics that interest me. There are numerous websites and blogs which review single issues but that’s a problem for me because I don’t read many single issues. I have a difficulty finding reviews of comics that date before the 21st century. Comics have been around for many, many decades but the online community seems focuses on comics of a certain decade. It kind of makes sense considering people like to talk about what they’re reading and it’s just normal that you read newly release comics and books. That in itself is not necessarily a problem but I would like to open up discussion and reviews of comics that have been around for a while that might still be new to many readers, myself included. That being said I won’t limit which time period of comics I’ll write about but there will be a focus on comics post the new millennium. What can I say; I started to read comics in 2006 (not counting the European comics of my childhood).

There is one most thing I would like to do with the help of my blog and that is to widen my focus on comics as much as possible. I have not read as many bande dessinées as I would like. At least, not any recent ones. I grew up reading Tintin, Lucky Luke, Astérix et Obélix, Achille Talon, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou et Fantasio and Yoko Tsuno. My dad was a collector of BDs for a while and its one of the things that’s developed my interest in reading. I would like to branch off into some more be it in French or in English. I would also like to dive further into manga. I’ve read some terrific manga in the last few years and I’d like to discover more. I’d also like to discuss the novels I read too. It’s about what I read and how it affects me. I also can’t forget about comic strips. These will not always be reviews. Sometimes it will be more of a commentary or a sharing of thoughts on a specific comic I’ve just read or am currently reading. I invite you to join me in the discussion.

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