Wednesday, 6 November 2013

PokéJournal: Update 016

-I’m still on the Ice Path and I'm still finding items. First one today is a PP Up.

-Huh, I'm out of the Ice Path. That wasn't as long of a cave segment as I thought it would be. I don’t know why but I'm not a fan of overly complicated cave systems in the Pokémon games. For some reason I expected the Ice Path to be a long complicated. I’m glad it wasn’t though.

-I traded Pokémon with my friend a couples months back but I haven't had a chance to rotate any of the ones he traded me into my party. He gave me a Cyndaquil Egg. I'm going to include it in my party and replace Growlithe. I'm sad to let Growlithe go but I don't want him to level up anymore. I need a fire stone to make him evolve to Arcanine but I want him to learn Extreme Speed when he evolves. I think its level 39 but I have to double check. At this time, I don’t have a stone and I want to wait. Besides, a Cyndaquil Egg is a pretty good replacement fire-type.

-Aw crap, I had two eggs in the PC and I don't know which one is a Cyndaquil. I take out one of the eggs and I hop on my bike. For about 5 to ten minutes I’m biking around like an idiot and lucky me, the egg hatched a Cyndaquil. I wonder what the other egg is? Oh well.

-I get a call from Arnie on Route 35 asking me to battle. I go see him and he only had a level 36 Venonat. Naturally I kicked his ass, thanked him for the experience points (Cyndaquil went from level 1 to 6!) and went on my way.

-I just caught a Gligar on Route 45. As a ground and flying dual type Pokémon, it might be a good replacement option for Pidgeotto. It also has an evolved form which is nice. I’m always a little sceptical of Pokémon that don’t have evolved forms. Not only are they a bit boring because they never get to evolve, but are they really that good? The short answer is that yes, some of them are. Even non-legendary non-evolving Pokémon can be tough. Heracross is a fine example of that.

-I take some time to run around in the tall grass and train my Cyndaquil. In no time at all, it evolves into a Quilava. It’s crazy how fast low level Pokémon can get trained the farther along you are in the game. It even makes friendship evolutions easier because the best way to increase friendship is to have the Pokémon level up. In my Pokémon Platinum game, I had fun breeding and catching Eevees and getting them all to evolve into all of the Eeveelutions. It was pretty easy to train up Espeon and Umbreon from an egg. You just gave them the Exp. Share and once they hit level 20 or so, boom, evolution.

-I was curious about the other egg in the PC so I go get it and bike around again. Another five or ten minute later and: Cyndaquil. What? Why do I have two of these? Back in the PC with you, I have a Quilava!

-After dropping Cyndaquil in the PC, I got to the Ice Path to train Quilava. He’s at a level where he’s able to battle a bit for himself. Since he’s a traded Pokémon, he’s levelling up pretty quickly. It’s great that he gets 50% more experience points than my non-traded Pokémon. Since I’m back in the Ice Path I’m taking the time to make sure I got all of the items in the cave. I use the Dowsing Machine and right away I find a hidden Revive! That’s a pretty sweet item to find just laying around.
I finally find a replacement for Pidgeotto.
-I’m sick and tired of Pidgeotto’s uselessness. I gave my friend my Platinum game to trade my Skarmory from that game to my Heart Gold game since it can’t be caught in that version. It’s at level 53. I’ll definitively use it to replace Pidgeotto with a level like that. I might not keep him until the end of the game but he’s a pretty great asset to my party for now. That’s a total of two non-evolving Pokémon in my party. I hope it’s not the start of a trend for me.

-I keep on training the party by running up and down Route 45 and 46. I’ve done some good training and I feel like I’m ready to take on Clair, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader. Clair uses dragon type Pokémon. I’ve got a level 53 Skarmory and my Feraligatr knows Ice Fang which I’m pretty sure is super effective against dragon type. Anyway, I feel ready and I’m sure my Quilava will get some good experience points holding the Exp. Share (plus the trade boost).

-I have a feeling I’ll be fighting tons of Dratini in this gym. The guy at the door confirms that the Ice Types are weak against dragon. It sucks for Clair that her village is at one of the entrances to the Ice Path. Seems like a poor location to start a dragon-type gym.  I have no idea who this guy or this group of guys are standing at the entrance of every gym but they usually give you helpful tips regarding type advantages. I’ll be sure to say thanks to him on my way out.

-Feraligatr’s Ice Fang is doing a great job against all of these Dratini and Dragonair from the trainers in the gym. Quilava is already at level 26! It’s great how fast he’s levelling up. I’m getting a bit annoyed at all the trainers. There seems to be more than usual. At least I’m getting experience and money out of it. I finish beating all of the trainers so I take a break and run to the Poké Center to heal up before the battle with Clair.

-She starts out with a Gyarados. I swap out my Feraligatr for Ampharos. Gyarados uses Dragon Rage. Ampharos uses Discharge but Gyarados gets to do another Dragon Rage first. He’s fast but the Discharge ends up being a one-hit KO.

Clair, the eight and final gym
leader of Johto. 
-Clair sends out a Dragonair. I swap in my Feraligatr. Feraligatr attacks with an Ice Fang and Dragonair uses Thunder Wave and paralyze my Pokémon. Clair uses a Hyper Potion and heals all the damage Feraligatr did with Ice Fang. Feraligatr uses a couple more Ice Fang attacks and Dragonair faints.  

-Clair sends out another Dragonair. Feraligatr is still paralyzed but I use Ice Fang again. It doesn’t do anything because of the paralysis. Dragonair keeps on using Dragon Pulse to the point where I have to heal Feraligatr. I use a Moo Moo Milk (shit, I’m running low on those) and he heals up nicely. I defeat the second Dragonair with an Ice Fang.  

-Kingdra is Clair’s last Pokémon. I send my Ampharos in but he faints in two hits before being able to do any damage. I send out Skarmory. He also faints. My only option left is to send out Feraligatr again but he needs some status healing (still paralyzed) and his HP is low. I learn the hard way that Kingdra has Hydro Pump and Hyper Beam! Come on! I eventually get him to faint all thanks to Feraligatr’s good defence and Ice Fang.

-I defeated Clair, booya! I’ve got to go pick up some more Moo Moo Milk. I used my last two during the Gym Leader battle. I got and buy the milk and then I fly back to Blackthorn City to go to the Dragon’s Den. I want to catch a Dratini.

-It’s going to be difficult to catch a Dratini because the water surface in the Den is full of Magikarp. They’re the worst. You don’t even get good experience point fighting them. There’s a Dragon Shrine but I need to use Whirlpool to get there. I need to go teach it to a Pokémon but I don’t want to teach anyone in my party. I make a quick trip to the Poké Center.

-Back in the Dragon’s Den I go into the temple. There is an old man who asks me silly questions. Clair shows up and is blown away that I’ve passed the old man’s test. She reluctantly gives me the gym badge I won while defeating her in battle, which she refused to give to me earlier.

-I decide to stick around in the Dragon’s Den in the hopes of catching a Dratini. I want one really badly. I stay so long that my Ampharos runs out of PP for all of his offensive moves. As soon as I put Sandslash as my lead, I encounter a Dratini, of course. I send in Kingler (which I only have because I needed a water type that could learn Whirlpool) and I use BubbleBeam. Dratini’s HP is in the yellow so I send in Ampharos and paralyze it. I toss a few Net Balls and then a few more Ultra Balls then I finally catch it! It took quite a bit of balls but it was worth it because you don’t really get a lot of chances to catch a Dratini. I get the hell out of there before I bump into any more Magikarp.
Clair's Dragonairs were pretty tough, but
not as tough as her Kingdra.

-I get a call from Professor Elm. He wants me to visit him because he has something to show me. I fly and go visit him and, lucky me, I received a Master Ball from Prof. Elm. Nice! He suggests I go see the Kimono Girls since they’ve been looking for me. I’m not going to go right away because I want to train my team. They’re all at low levels. I want all of them to get up to around level 50. I have lots of training to do.

Pokémon caught: Phanpy, Gligar and Dratini.
Pokémon traded: Teddiursa and Skarmory.
Gym Leader defeated: Clair.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): None.
Evolutions: Egg to Cyndaquil and Cyndaquil to Quilava.
Pokémon in party: Skarmory, Feraligatr, Heracross, Ampharos, Sandslash and Quilava.
Highest level in party: Skarmory, level 53.
Lowest level in party: Quilava, level 32.
Pokédex: 103
Time played:  42.39

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