Wednesday, 28 August 2013

PokéJournal: Update 015

Jynx is pretty much synonymous
with Ice Path. One of the worst
Pokémon designs.
-I pick up where I left of many weeks ago. I’m on my way to Blackthorn. I'm taking my time, training and catching Pokémon. Before I go in the mountain I'm making sure to explore around it and find all the items and trainers.

-I stocked up on items before heading out. I had made some money fighting Team Rocket. Finding the Amulet Coin helped a lot, too. I bought everything I thought I needed and I still have money left. I'm pretty sure my money problems are over. About freaking time.

-Ralph just called me. He's on route 32 and wants to battle. Oh yeah, time to fly, Pidgeotto.

-It's impressive; Ralph has a level 40 Seaking! Awesome. I wasn't expecting a good battle but this is nice.

-Every once in a while I like to take a look at my party and see if there's some way I can improve on it. I really like Heracross right now. She's well balanced. She's got some fighting type moves that pack a nice punch. Horn Attack and Wing Attack round out the learn set. The wing attack makes it useful when fighting bug and grass types, which is handy to have in my party since my starter is weak to grass. It's nice to know there are Growlithe and Heracross that can back up Feraligatr when he needs the help.

-I've taken the time to level up Sandslash. Why, I'm not entirely sure. He's just my mule but he's got decent stats. More importantly he's got immunity to Electric type which is something I can most likely put to good use. It’s also a good idea to keep him up to a level that is close to the ones of the other Pokémon in the party. 
I love this little guy. His evolved
forms are also pretty great.
-The two Pokémon that disappoint me at the moment are Growlithe and Pidgeotto. Growlithe's HP and Defence are less than impressive. I'm hoping that evolving it would take care of that. The problem is that I need a Fire Stone and there's not one in sight. Pidgeotto, well, he's just disappointing all around. The only good thing about him is that he can use HM Fly. His learn set is pretty bad. Heracross learnt Aerial Ace before Pidgeotto! That's ridiculous! According to my research Pidgeotto will never learn it by levelling up because he sucks. I'm thinking I might have him share the role of mule with Sandslash. I looked into it and it’s not going to work. Sandslash knows Headbutt, Cut, Strength and Rock Smash. Pidgeotto can't learn any of those. Useless! I might want to switch for a different flying type. Maybe Fearow or someone. Having him share the mule load with Sandslash, it liberates his learn set for some ground type moves. I'll have to do a bit of research before making the decision. If I choose to switch another Pokémon, I'll have to train it quite a bit. It's a big decision.

-Possible replacements: Skarmory (Rock Smash), Delibird, Farfetch'd (Cut), Togekiss (Rock Smash),

-I think I’ll settle for Skarmory. I will be teaching it Fly, Rock Smash, Roost and Brave Bird. Now I’ve got to keep my eyes open for one. I have no idea where I can find them in the wild or if they’re even available in Heart Gold. I’ll have to check on Bulbapedia.

-Ice Path, weeeeee! Ice without skates! Weeeeeee -- Wam! Hit a wall. I always enjoyed the ice Surface puzzles. The Ice Path has tons of puzzles. It takes time and you occasionally have to move boulders but you get some nice items. The more time you spend on the puzzles the more Pokémon you encounter and fight for experience points. It's also nice to get a chance to boost up the Pokédex.
Why are you so sad Weepinbell?
Is it because Grass Pokémon suck?
-Yup, that figures. As soon as I mention I like the Ice Path puzzles I get stuck. I can’t solve it and I’m losing patience. I guess now is as good a time as any to stop. Next time: I slip and slide in the Ice Path! Will I find a way out? Yes? No? Doesn’t really matter, I’m pretty sure I have an escape rope.

Pokémon caught: Weepinbell, Jynx and Swinub.
Pokémon traded: None.
Gym Leader defeated: None. I’m stuck in a freakin’ cave!
Fights with Craphat (Rival): None.
Evolutions: None.
Pokémon in party: Same as always.
Highest level in party: Feraligatr at 40.
Lowest level in party: Pidgeotto at 30
Pokédex: 98.
Time played: It’s been so long since my last  Pokéjournal Update I forget I even had to write this down.

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