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Random Thoughts on Wolverine and the X-men

W&Xm #1
-Hey, it’s Doop!
-Toad as the janitor, nice.
-The Brood Child from one of the post-Ellis Astonishing storylines; also nice.
-The Danger Room was incorporated in the whole school? That’s foreboding.
-“I’m a political prisoner!” Oh Quentin!
-Gladiator has a son?! He sent his son to attend Jean Grey Academy?! Oh Jason Aaron!!
-What’s with all the mini-Nightcrawlers?
-Giant teeth? Is that Krakoa?
-Man, this is a dense first issue (which is a darn good thing; first issues should always be oversized and packed). Yeah there some spreads but there is also at least one 12 panel page. Good job making it all look damn pretty, Bachalo.

W&Xm #2
-Nobody draws Iceman quite like Bachalo. He’s a mad genius. Random thought: Paul Pope should do an X-men book.
-Kilgore is the descendent of Frankenstein? Neat!
-Hank: “Oh dear, I do hope this wasn’t my doing. Did I leave a pot of Frankensteins on the stove?”
-Love and first sight for Idie and Broo? Yes. Jason Aaron! Jason Aaron! Jason Aaron!
-Who the hell calls Iceman a joke? The dude is an omega level mutant!
-Nooooo! No! No, I disprove of Iceman kissing Kitty! Nuh-uh!
-The girl in the new Hellfire Club is hilarious.
-A-ha! It totally is Krakoa. Well, Krakoa’s grandson.
-I like that Quentin has buttons on his jacket. I also like how it seems his t-shirt will have a new message on it every issue (or regularly).

W&Xm #3
-According to the credits (and the art) it seems Bachalo is having a difficult time keeping up to the schedule. No wonder considering the shit Aaron has him draw. I’m curious as to Bradshaw’s art next issue.
-Ha! “Professor Snikt”.
-Oh that two page spread is a keeper.
-I’m really enjoying the key use of red by Bachalo. Very Laura Martin yet more restrained and more effective.
-Poor Toad has to clean it all up.
-Lawsuit? Nice. You can’t forget that Wolverine is very old, which makes him wise and classy. Legal Lawsuit kind of classy.
-“Send more Sentinels”, haha.

W&Xm #4
-I don’t like Bradshaw’s Beast or his Kitty.
-Doop raking the lawn is awesome.
-The briefing scene demonstrates that Aaron is more than capable of writing the constantly-overstressed-and-underappreciated group of x-men.
-Bradshaw makes Wolverine to nice and cute looking. Make him gruff, unkempt, squat and king of ugly!
-“Wake me when the humans are DEAD”. Heart Quentin Quire.
-Genesis is totally the young apocalypse boy from Uncanny X-Force (recommended reading).
-Broo is charming.
-Sweet, Deathlok from Aaron’s Wolverine run (it’s a particular Dealthlok unit).
-Ouch. Aaron is giving us a future where Idie and Quentin are dating. Poor Broo, you never stood a chance, buddy.
-Why do I get the feeling Kitty is pregnant with a Brood baby?

W&Xm #5
-HA! Quentin Quire drawing and writing on whoever’s insides is hilarious.
-Bradshaw draws a very good Broo.
-Also, no wonder they’re burning through their funds. I don’t think shrinking a whole class of mutants is cheap.
-Why does Bradshaw draw Idie’s hair all straight? And the colorist is also doing a poor job. She looks Eurasian or something as opposed to a black teen.
-Ew, the stomach! Are they inside Toad? Poor guy.
-Bahahahaha, the kids are deciphering Doop’s dialogue.
-Haha, one of the Bamfs is running around with Wolverine’s mask on.
-People keep referencing Gambit yet we never see him. That’s fine by me!
-Doop is the security monitor! Of course! Translation: Hey, no Bamps allowed.
-Who’s the big grey guy?

W&Xm #6
-“Bah! Running is for horses and Homo Sapiens.”
-Lurg the Living Casino. Jason Aaron is crazy!
-I’m disappointed Bachalo isn’t on art duties for this one. I imagine he would draw some pretty darn cool aliens.
-I’m liking Kid Gladiator more and more each issue. “Kid Gladiator is lord of the heart!”
-Sweet defence system. Way to go Krakoa.
-Kid Gladiator brood? Oh no!
-If Kitty’s belly is huge and pregnant-like, shouldn’t the brood inside her be concentrated in one area and not all over the freakin’ place? Unless there is something special reserved in her belly that Aaron’s saving for a future issue? Just a little weird I think.

W&Xm #7
-Bradshaw has been doing good covers but I’m sad Bachalo does not do the covers for the interior art Bradshaw issues.
-Extreme Zoologist? Strange concept but I think I like it.
-To answer my question from last issue: the Egg Sack; gross.
-Oh wow, I didn’t even notice the Bamfs weren’t present last issue. Nice.
-“Anyone not willing to murder for the sake of science is no scientist at all.” Whoa, radical!
-Not Bamfs, eh? It was a masterstroke by Aaron for introducing these little buggers into the comic.
-Kid Gladiator’s body guard hitting on Bobby? Nice.
-I love that Aaron keeps Broo’s Broodness. He’s from a vicious race therefore he’s a vicious little bastard.
-Gniah! What the hell is going on in Kitty’s head?
-Gross Wolverine!

W&Xm #8
-Bachalo back on art! And because nobody draws him better, Sabertooth is also back!
-Man, Aaron is writing some pretty dense issues. It’s a good thing.
-Sabertooth attacking SWORD? He’s one mean bastard!
-Oh goodie, Idie’s hair is normal again.
-Where is Elixir? Is he on Utopia with Scott? Because he could probably heal Wolverine’s legs. Oh well, even if he is there’s the same problem as with Magneto.
-There are going to be repercussions for attacking the Living Casino.
-Aw Hank, you’re the sweetest.

W&Xm #9
-I hope Avengers VS X-men doesn’t ruin the momentum this series has been building.
-Taking bets on which planet the Phoenix is going to destroy is just one of those cool ideas. It’s difficult to have cool ideas about the Phoenix because it’s such a bad, bad storytelling device.
-I wish Wolverine’s legs had been messed up for longer. I’ve got a feeling AvX had something to do with that.
-Pretty cool that the school has a jungle room. I want a jungle room.
-Captain America gets his grade: B minus! :O
-Toad and Husk? I’m down for that X-couple.
-Oh hey, Rogue and Gambit are actually seen in this issue.
-The little to and fro between Beast and Wolverine clearly demonstrates they’re old chums.
-Sweet, Gladiator will be showing up in future issues.

W&Xm #10
-Avengers VS X-men tie-in. Snore. I know that Jason Aaron in pretty darn involved in the whole thing but it stinks of Marvel Architects by which I mean it stinks of Bendis. He’s the only architect I don’t like. Fraction and Hickman have both done better work elsewhere and Aaron is a superstar. Bendis? A big ol’ stinker!
-Doop has a choir? Nice.
-Why would Quentin cheat in his studies? He’s an effing genius. He doesn’t have to cheat.
-I like the character moments with Genesis and Warren. I also like that Iceman is so worried about Warren. It makes sense. They were both part of the original five and they’re the only two of the five at Jean Grey academy.
-Krakoa is all over the place man. I like how he’s got an eye ball popping up in the rock garden.
"No Bamfs allowed."
-Summers is a big jerk even if he’s an optimistic jerk. Well, optimistic about the phoenix force anyway.
-It bothers me quite a bit that he’s arguing that Wolverine can and should primarily be and “x-man”. It’s frustrating that he’s arguing that people as a whole, but Wolverine specifically in this context, should or do have one main “identity factor”. Wolverine can be many things all at the same time: avenger, x-man, friend, father, without them being prioritize in any way other that what Wolverine himself dictates. Do you get what I’m trying to say? I don’t think I’ve explained it very well.
-Kitty Pryde saying how she wants to carve off earrings from Emma is funny.
-Quentin is so smooth with the ladies.
-That’s the difference between Scott and Logan. Scott is a bit of a bully and Logan accepts the decision of this teaching staff, and friends, to help Scott out. He understands that sometimes you’ve got to do what feels right.
-Idie asking Wolverine not to kill Hope hits hard. He’s probably going to have to do just that. Incidentally, if you haven’t read Kieron Gillen’s Generation Hope issues you should go do that. They’re pretty good.
-I love that the Death Commandos arrive (they were sent out last issues). It’s logical that something like the Phoenix entity would catch the attention of more than just the people of Earth. It always seemed weird to me that the Phoenix was at the base of the AvsX crossover. What else could it have been though? The last time they were in conflict was with Wanda during the whole Disassembled and House of M stuff. Whatever, Aaron’s issues will most likely be enjoyable.

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