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Legend of the Drunken Master Q&A review

I’m doing something different with this review. I have a little helper with me this time. Lisa is my sister in law and she’s pretty young, only 11 years old. We watch a lot of movies together and we discovered not too long ago that she, just like me, enjoys watching Kung Fu movies.

Hi Lisa, thanks for watching Legend of the Drunken Master with me. Did you know this is my favourite Jackie Chan movie?

No. I feel like I’m on a talk show where people have their little notes and they’re asking questions. I asked Lisa the questions out loud and I’m writing down what she says.

Did you like the movie? If yes, what did you like about it? I no, what did you not like about it?

Yes, because there’s lots of funny parts and stuff and there was action. That’s what I liked about the movie.

What was your favourite part of the movie?

My favourite part is where he gets off the train and starts fighting drunken with the guy with the long staff.

So when the action started?


What did you think of the action? Is Jackie Chan good at Kung fu?

He’s very good at Kung Fu! The action was very good. It was exciting! You never know what’s going to happen next. You just want to keep on watching.

I know you like Kung Fu movies in general. What is it you like about them?

I like their funny accents. I like their facial expressions. It’s not something you see every day. It’s different. I like how they do their faces when they get punched, it’s all screwed up. I especially like Jackie Chan’s faces. It was really funny when he burped those bubbles at the end.

Would you say Jackie Chan is your favourite Kung Fu star?

Oh ya! He’s hilarious! That’s what I love about him.

Do you have a favourite Kung fu movie? I know we haven’t watched too many together, but from what we’ve seen.

Not the one we watched today, but the other time. The lady who smoked …

Kung Fu Hustle? The Funny one?


Would you recommend this movie, Legend of the Kung Fu Master, to someone else? Would you recommend it to someone who doesn't watch Kung Fu movies?

Yeah. I would recommend it to someone who doesn’t watch Kung Fu. It’s really funny and it would make them happy. Plus, if you’re not a person who likes a lot of action, there are funny scenes in it too.

Did you like the story or just the action? I think his step mom was pretty funny. Jackie Chan is funny too.

I like the story. Can I say both? I like both.

Do you think he really got drunk while filming or was he just acting? Haha!

Lisa laughs. I don’t think he was drunk. I could see his facial expression, he wasn’t drunk.

Is there anything else you want to discuss about the movie? Do you think your dad would like this movie? What about your sisters and your mom?

My dad would like it. Not my mom. She’s not into action movies like that. My dad would like it because he watches a lot of action movies. My sisters wouldn’t really like it.

What did you think of the idea of drunken Kung Fu? Don't you think it's a clever and funny idea that by drinking alcohol you loosen up the body and numb pain, two qualities that make you a better fighter? Do you think that would work in real life or is this just movie magic?

I think it’s just, like, a part of the show. Not something you could do it real life. I don’t think it would work.

What kind of Kung fu action do you like most: real stunts like Jackie Chan does or computer generated action like it Kung Fu Hustle? Can you also explain why?

Me I like Jackie Chan stunts. Because the computer stuff it looks all fake. When you look at Jackie Chan movies you know that he did all that. It’s kind of cool that he did all that.

Did you like all the Chinese stuff? The village, the houses, the clothes and all the rest? It's pretty cool, eh? I always enjoy seeing how other people live. Different traditions and cultures are pretty cool. I'm not sure if I could eat the same food as them all the time, haha.

Yeah I liked that culture. I’m really into stuff like that. I like their dresses and the village and stuff like that. It would be fun to be in that culture. Do the same thing they do and know how to do Kung Fu. You know you could have great, great grandparents that did Kung Fu and they teach you how.

Would you like to go visit China?

I’d like to go visit China. It’d be really fun.  And plus the stuff that you do over there you wouldn’t do the same thing in Canada. You wouldn’t do that every day.

What did you think of the dad being mad at his son? Do you understand why he was mad?

I understand why he was mad, I don’t understand why he was beating him up with the stick. You can see Jackie Chan was already in pain and bleeding from his nose and he was already drunk and he didn’t know what was happening . . . right?

Right. In the end though, he seems to have learned his lesson and he’ll only use his Kung Fu to defend things that are important for him and the village.


What did you think of Jackie Chan doing all of his stunts? He does some ridiculous stunts in this movie. He does crazy acrobatics, gets set on fire, he dodged big heavy barrels of sand, he crawled across a fire pit and other stuff too!

It’s pretty cool. I know I couldn’t do that and it’s cool to see someone else do that. It’s pretty darn amazing. And it’s pretty darn insane!

Well thanks, Lisa. I enjoyed watching Legend of the Drunken Master again and I’m glad I could share it with you. We’ll have to watch some more Kung Fu movies together, I think. 

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