Sunday, 28 April 2013

PokéJournal: Update 014

-I’m back in the game; it's time to beat Team Rocket and put an end to their radio signal conspiracy. Their
plan to force Pokémon to evolve is nothing short of cruel and I won't stand for it!!

-More importantly I want to beat Team Rocket so I can get another gym badge! I just want to advance in the game play. I feel like I haven't progressed a lot lately.

-Poké battle! I normally use my starter to fight any other kind of Pokémon, regardless of type and ability. Sometimes I forget I can't use the same barbaric strategy with my other Pokémon. If applied to the rest of the party, some of the Pokémon will nearly faint or completely faint. Case in point: Heracross vs. Zubat is a stupid fight. Poor Heracross has four HP!

-I need a card key! Where to find it, where to find it? Oh, I know, the one option you have while facing a gang of thugs in a tower: up!

-I find the radio tower Director on the top floor. It's Petrel impersonating him. I should have known! Slimy Team Rocket loser! Naturally I defeat him. He didn't make it easy for me, though. He's got a full party and he uses a lot of Weezings and Koffings. All my Pokémon keep getting poisoned and it’s frustrating. Growlithe was a little trooper and defeated five of those poison puffballs. His HP sucks, but he's a tough little guy.

-Petrel gives me a basement key which isn't the key I'm looking for but it will, hopefully, lead me to the key I need to put an end to Team Rocket's tyranny.

-Perfect timing, Craphat shows up and challenges me to a battle. Yay for good experience points! Because my Pokémon are awesome, Feraligatr makes Meganium faint in two hits. Type disadvantage, you say? Ha! I laugh at your puny dinosaur and flower themed Pokémon. Ah ha ha!

-All these battles are making a dent in my status healing items. I could walk to and from the Poké Center but I'm too lazy. I'd rather stock up at the Poké Mart later. It's conveniently opened 24/7, even on Holidays! I'll have to make a special trip to go buy more Moo Moo milk though.

-Stop poisoning my Pokémon! Blah! I'm getting tired of this. Stop fighting dirty Team Rocket. Oh, never mind.

-Finally, I find a hidden item. It's a Max Potion, booya!

-Over in the adjacent hallway, I find another hidden item. It's a Revive. Mega sweetness. The Dowsing Machine in Heart Gold is far superior to the one in Platinum. I really like it.

- I found the real Director. I'm comin' to kick your ass, Team Rocket lieutenants! After I heal my Pokémon, of course.

-Yes! I found an Amulet Coin! When the Pokémon holding the Amulet Coin enters a trainer battle, you get twice the prize money. Where was this item at the beginning of the game when I had money troubles? Nowhere!

-I’m in a warehouse now and I'm looking for hidden items. Found an Antidote, a Super Potion, and a Parlyz Heal. It's been a good haul for hidden items today.

-I easily defeated two of the three Team Rocket Executives. I've only got one more to go, Archer. He sends out a little Houndour. I've got Heracross as my lead which is good because of the Amulet coin but bad because Houndour has a major type advantage. I switch him out for Feraligatr who makes short work of the little fire dog with Surf. Archer then sends out Koffing. Poisonous jerk. I hate those floating bastards. Again, I use Surf and it takes him out in one shot. Archer sends out his last Pokémon, Houndoom. At level 38 it's a breezy battle. Again, Surf takes him out in one hit. Houndoom's fast though so before Feraligatr got a chance to use Surf he had already received damage from Faint Attack. Not a problem since barely a quarter of damage was done.

-The Director shows up and gives me a Rainbow Wing as a reward. It seems to be connected to one of the legendary Pokémon (you can guess which one).

-I’m flying to Mahogany. Next time I'll be walking to the next town. I still need to go back to the Safari Zone and pass the second test. Once that's done I'll be able to catch some better Pokémon. I would really like a Larvitar.

Pokémon caught: None.
Pokémon traded: Tons! More on this later.
Gym Leader defeated: None.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): One and I beat him. His starter Pokémon is weak sauce.
Evolutions: None.
Pokémon in party: Same as always.
Highest level in party: Feraligatr at 40.
Lowest level in party: Pidgeotto at 30. It’s not Sandslash! What’s going on? Again, more on this later.
Pokédex: 95.
Time played: 36:39. 

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