Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Keith’s PokéJournal

Only wimps who don't appreciate
a challenge choose Cyndaquilas their
starter Pokémon. It's like choosing
to play Easy Mode.

Since I started my blog back in mid-January, I didn’t really have high hopes. I’m now approaching two months of blogging and I’ve already started to settle in a blog writing routine. I write comic, novel and gaming reviews (only one movie review so far) and it’s good. I don’t blog about everything, otherwise there would be no actual time to experience anything blog worthy or I would never sleep. Although I wanted to focus primarily on comics, I have been side tracked by newer versions of an old childhood favourite Pokémon game for my Nintendo DSi.

In fact, my regular PokéJournal posts have become the most popular posts on my blog! When you look at the numbers, it’s not really saying much but it’s still quite clear. None of my friends have taken it upon themselves to read any of the comics I wrote about but two of them have started playing a Pokémon game. It’s been years since either one of them have played one and it’s been fun for all three of us.

Call it strategy if you want,
it's a wimpy move to teach
this guy Thunder Punch.
Keith, a close friend of mine, disagrees with me a great deal when it comes to favourite Pokémon and overall Pokémon strategy. When I first started writing on Shared Universe Reviews, I had given him an open invitation to write a guest post. I extended this same invitation to a few friends who I thought would have something interesting to say and who I thought would complement what I’ve been writing about. About a week ago, Keith said something about writing a guest PokéJournal. I was so thrilled! Finally, a guest post! Well, he’s gone and 1Upped me. The guy’s created his own blog and he’s going to write a Soul Silver PokéJournal.

I recommend you check out Keith’s PokéJournal. I also recommend you ignore all that trash talk he put in his post. The guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Feraligatr for the win, sucker.

All the best, Keith, try not to give up once you realize how much time it takes to write the damn updates. You’ll hit a groove.

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