Monday, 11 March 2013

PokéJournal: Update 011

I have an Ampharos now, i'm
pretty darn happy.
-Once again I’m crossing the ocean. I could have flown back to Olivine but I’d rather train my Pokémon some more. It also gives me an opportunity to fish and maybe catch some water Pokémon I don’ have yet.

-Man, I’ll tell ya what. Once I’m out of the water I sincerely hope to never see a Tentacool again.

-Surprise, surprise. The first fish I catch is a level 20 Magikarp. Flaaffy beats it... and evolves! Finally, my very own Ampharos, yes! I can’t wait to be on land and see how it looks walking behind me.

-Oo, a Chinchou. I like that there are dual type Pokémon that share contrasting types. Chinchou is an example of this with its water-electric type. I also like that those dual type Pokémon aren’t too common. There aren’t several Pokémon with water-electric type, just Chinchou and his evolution as far as I’m concerned and that makes them stand out a little from the rest of the bunch. Huh, so electric attacks are useless against Chinchou. It just absorbs it all. I’ll have to use a different Pokémon to capture this guy. Too bad I can’t use my Thunder Wave paralysis strategy.  I sent out Pidgeotto (weakness to electric type? What are you even talking about? Shut up) and he used fly (what? I don’t want Chinchou to pass out!) a couple of times. I tossed a Net Ball and Chinchou is forever mine.

-Well hello Miltank. I am going to catch you! Wow, that was way too easy. Growlithe did some damage with Reversal. Since he was at full HP the reversal was pretty weak and Miltank was barely in the yellow. Ampharos then paralyzed Miltank and I tossed a Great Ball. Done and done. Let’s all go home and relax under a tree.

I battled Jasmine a little
early, but I beat her anyway!
-I go to the lighthouse and give Jasmine the medicine for Ampharos. Jasmine runs off to the gym. Shall I follow her? I should probably train some more. Her steel and electric Pokémon will probably kick my butt. Growlithe is really the only one who stands a fair chance and he’s only at level 29. Ah, what the heck, live dangerously and all that.

-The Safari Zone guy just called. It’s open! I’ll have to go there after beating Jasmine and catch a bunch of hard to find Pokémon. Yes, I’m excited.

-The Gentleman from the lighthouse (the guy who gave me enough money to buy a house after I beat him) is at the gym. He’s cheering me on to defeat Jasmine. This is getting creepy dude. I’m not your girlfriend. This relationship is starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

-Ok, so far this gym is incredibly lame. Nobody even fights you! There are no trainers. You just walk up to Jasmine and challenge her. Ok, here goes nothing...

-Growlithe vs. Magnemite. He’s one level above Growlithe. Fire Fang almost takes him down in one hit but Jasmine uses a Hyper Potion. Magnemite paralyzes Growlithe and its Thunder Bolt attack is too strong. I never should have gone to the gym! I switch out Growlithe for Feraligatr, he’s got the type disadvantage but he’s super strong so who cares. While Feraligatr takes some hits, I take the time to heal Growlithe’s status and HP. Feraligatr fainted (what? He’s a water type!) so I send Growlithe back out. Growlithe defeats Magnemite with Fire Fang.

-Growlithe vs. Steelix. Yup, I don’t see how this can end well for me. I should have trained my Sandshrew! Growlithe gets three hits in before he faints. I switch out to Heracross. Its Brick Break technique is probably super effective against a steel type. Nope, I changed my mind. I’ll revive Feraligatr. Steelix isn’t electric so he should have no problem fighting him. Feraligatr uses Surf and it takes out Steelix in one hit.
-Feraligatr vs. Magnemite. Aw crap, here we go again. How many hits until Feraligatr faints? Apparently only one. I send in Ampharos. He’s doing well, Magnemite is in the red. Jasmine uses another Hyper Potion. It takes several hits but eventually Ampharos wins. Phew! It was a close call, guys. Sure, I could have used another revive on Growlithe but they’re super expensive. I’m glad I chose to challenge Jasmine because I wooooon! Tra la la la, lee!

-My mom called telling me I have an item at the Poké Mart. It’s a Moon Stone! Awesome, thanks mom! It’s the first really awesome item she sends me. Ok, now go find a Fire Stone. My Growlithe needs to evolve.

-You know you’re training hard when the Pokémon you’re training runs out of PP for all his attack moves. Way to go Growlithe.

-All of a sudden I realize my money problems are over. I have just above 20,000. Moomoo milk on me, guys.

-I’m on my way to the Safari Zone and I’m taking the time to train some Pokémon while catching some new ones. I like finding hidden items. I just found a pearl on a random patch of sand in the water on the way to the Safari Zone. Gonna sell it for some moh-naaaaay!
I never saw a Shellder but I would live
a happy life if I never saw this guy
and his pre-evolution form ever again.

-Shellder, why are you so hard to find? Who cares where Shellder is, there’s a Sleelix staring me in the face! Oh no, he fainted!

-Now that I have HM Fly, I’m going all over the place. I’m currently in Ilex Forest. Since I put Geodude in the PC, I realized I no longer have a Pokémon who knows headbutt so I’m going to find the move tutor in Ilex Forest. He can teach Sandshrew how to do headbutt and then I’ll have a near perfect mule Pokémon for my party.

-I’m at the Cliff Cave on the way to the Safari Zone and I’m looking for Misdreavus which only appears at night. It’s pretty damn rare, at least in the Cliff Cave. I’ve only seen one and being an idiot I used a dark move on it, which is super effective. It fainted after one attack. Argh, I’m hoping to see another one.

-A while later I encounter another one, only the second Misdreavus I’ve seen so far. I swap out Feraligatr for Ampharos. I paralyze Misdreavus and I use Thunder Shock. Her HP is in the yellow and I toss an Ultra Ball. It’s a success. I’m very glad I got it.

You're too cute to be a pure Ghost
 Pokémon. And that fashion sense;
 look at the pearl necklace!
-Finally, I reach the Safari Zone. It didn’t have to take me so long but I was having a good time levelling up the party and catching common and rare Pokémon.

-Next time I play I’ll be heading into the Safari Zone and catching a whole bunch of Pokémon. Yeah!

Pokémon caught: Chinchou, Miltank, Golbat, Kingler, Graveler, Seel, Exeggcute, Machoke, Quagsire, Steelix, and Misdreavus.
Pokémon traded: None.
Gym Leader defeated: Jasmine. Were her Pokémon really that strong or was I too impatient and challenged her too soon?
Fights with Craphat (Rival): None.
Evolutions: Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos and Abra evolved into Kadabra. 
Pokémon in party: Feraligatr, Ampharos, Growlithe, Heracross, Pidgeotto, and Sandshrew. 
Highest level in party: Feraligatr at level 38.
Lowest level in party: Sandshrew at level 13.
Pokédex: Over sixty.
Time played: Over 23:00.

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