Sunday, 17 March 2013

PokéJournal: Update 012

-I’m at the Safari Zone gates but I’m not going in just yet. I want to train some more before going in. I just feel like battling for a while.
This guy's pretty awesome.

-So there seems to be Pokémon here, at the gates, which I don’t own yet. There’s a nice variety of them, too. I seem to have caught most of them now, except for Diglett. I’ve seen one twice but I keep on knocking it out in one hit, my Pokémon are too strong. Since it’s difficult to find, I’ll keep training my Pokémon and I’ll give Exp. Share to Sandshrew so that she can level up a bit. Right now, she’s too weak to successfully reduce Diglett’s HP to allow me to catch it. Here’s hoping I see another one soon.

-Yeah, tell you what, screw Diglett. I can catch the guy later. It’s off to the Safari Zone for me.

-500 bucks to go into the Safari Zone? I guess that’s ok, for all the rare Pokémon I will find. It’s also a good price when you consider you get to keep all the Safari Balls that are filled with Pokémon you caught.

-Whoa, Kangaskhan! Those guys are aweso—and it ran away. Damn. Shortly after I meet another one, bait it, but no success.
What are you?

-Third Kanga and I tried mud this time. Nope, it just makes it angry.

-So I decided to give up on Kangaskhan for a little while and I head to other parts of the Safari Zone. I hit a streak of good luck in the swamp and catch some poison Pokémon such as Ekans, Koffing, and Grimer.

-Before I went in to the SZ, the owner gave me a test to do, catch a Geodude and show it to him. I was able to do it no problem. I showed it to him afterword and he told me he’s working on a second text and he’ll call me back when he’s thought of what will make a good test.

-Once more into the Zone, off I go! I start in the mountains because I want to catch a Larvitar.

-Alright, I caught a Kangaskhan! What a successful day at the Safari Zone.

-I’m in Mount Mortar and Sandshrew just evolved. Aw, yeah. He’s the same cute guy as before but now he’s spiky.

-I’m using the Dowsing Machine to find hidden items. So far I’ve found one Hyper Potion and one Ultra Ball.

This loser thought he
could be the next Giovanni.
-So far Mt. Mortar is pretty boring. The Pokémon are all around the mid teen levels and I own all the Pokémon. I’m essentially just running around finding all the items. I’m barely training since the Pokémon are so weak. It's kind of boring.

-Another hidden item found. This time it’s a Max Repel.

-There’s a random dude chilling in the middle of Mt. Mortar. All he has is a level 19 Slowpoke. No wonder he’s stuck here. Dude needs an Escape Rope.

-I caught a Mankey. It was the simplest thing. I tossed a Quick Ball and bam, done. It’s easier than using a Safari Ball.

-I feel like I’ve just been wandering somewhat aimlessly for the last little while and I think it’s time to get back into story mode. I run north towards the Lake of Rage to find Lance and his awesome Dragonite. He brings me to the weird shack at Mahogany Town. Let’s battle some Rocket Grunts.

-There are statues of Persian all over and when you cross paths with it there are two Rocket Grunts who show up and battle you one at a time. If my Pokémon were weak I’d try and avoid it but whatever, bring on the baddies. It's good training.

-I was hoping I would be able to cross the Persian’s path back and forth and fight the grunts more than once but it’s only a one time deal. It also gets a little monotonous after a while because the two grunts are the same. They just come back with their Pokémon all healed up and fight you again and again.

-I found a hidden Revive item!

I finally got myself a Machop.
He looks super cool. 
-I also found a switch that turned off the Persian statue alarm system. Some random grunt is telling me they have explosives in the floors! Why would you do that? This is your base of operation, dude. Do you like walking on explosive floors? You’re nuts!

-So it turns out this booby trapped floor is set with Pokémon and not explosives. I got freakin’ Voltorbs attacking me. Time for Sandslash to make himself useful, you know, other than being a mule. Aw, poor little Voltorb’s move don’t work on Sandslash, muahahahahaha!

-This time it’s a Geodude. Man, what other kind of Pokémon are in this floor? Yo, Team Rocket, do you guys have any strong Pokémon hiding in the floors? Ah, who am I kidding?

-Like an idiot I walked onto a teleportation circle thing. Where will this lead me? Right back at the beginning. I guess I’m walking on the booby trap floor again.

-Lance and Dragonite are on one of the floors. He takes the time to heal my Pokémon and then he runs off ahead of me. I’ll take my time and battle as many people as I can.

Dragonite is pretty cool but he doesn't really
fit as Dratini's final form. Visually, they
have nothing in common. 
-I found a Full Heal with the Dowsing Machine. I’m really enjoying using this thing. I wonder if I can find any rare or crazy items, like evolutionary stones or something.

-Does it seem odd to anybody else that when a Rocket Grunt loses a battle they give you prize money? I would think that a criminal just doesn’t give a crap.

-Hey, what’s Craphat doing here? Sup dude. I like your girlishly long hair. He’s all moody because Lance beat him and told him he doesn’t love his Pokémon. That’s what happens when you’re a mean trainer, bud. Dragonite takes a big shit on your day and Hyper Beams your weak Pokémon into oblivion.

-The leader here, Petrel, is a Giovanni impostor. Giovanni was the leader of Team Rocket in the first generation of Pokémon. Petrel had a Murkrow in his office and it’s running around now. I’m following it to the true leader of this operation.

-I just reached was seems to be the end of this Team Rocket adventure. So far I’ve mostly been using Ampharos and Sandslash but I’m switching Feraligatr to my lead spot. I want to let him fight some stronger Pokémon, you know, to let him stretch his legs a little.

-This lady, Ariana shows up with one of her grunts. They challenge me to a double battle but Lance comes along and backs me up. Come on Dragonite, show me your stuff!

Ariana, a Team Rocket Executive.
-Oh wow, Dragonite is at level 40 and Feraligatr is at level 39. Not too bad, eh Lance? All in all Dragonite was helpful but he only did damage every second turn because he only used Fly.  We win the double battle without too much effort.

-There is a machine sending out the powerful radio signal that made the Magikarp evolve into the Red Gyarados. The machine seems to be powered by Electrodes. I’m going to have to battle them. I could use Sandslash but I think I’d rather use Growlithe, because why not?

-Wait a minute, can I catch one of these? Let’s give it a try. Ampharos switches out with Growlithe and paralyzes Electrode. I catch it after two tossed Ultra Balls.

-Because I did a super job, Lance gives me HM Whirlpool.

-As soon as I exit the base I get a call from the owner of the Safari Zone. He’s got the second test ready for me. Well, I’m going to fly to Kurt so he can give me my new Poké Balls and then I’ll fly to the Safari Zone. Or maybe I’ll go to the gym.

Pokémon caught: Fearow, Gloom, Hoppip, Girafarig, Magneton, Machop, Grimer, Arbok, Ekans, Koffing, Lickitung, Mankey, Aipom,
Pokémon traded: None.
Gym Leader defeated: None.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): I met up with him in Team Rocket’s base at Mahogany, but he ran away because Lance beat him in battle.  
Evolutions: Sandshrew evolved into Sandslash.
Pokémon in party: Feraligatr, Ampharos, Growlithe, Sandslash, Pidgeotto and, Heracross.
Highest level in party: Feraligatr at level 39.
Lowest level in party: Sandslash at level 22.
Pokédex: 84.
Time played: 30:11.  

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