Friday, 8 March 2013

PokéJournal: Update 010

Tauros is pretty strong for a normal type.
I wish they would develop a family for him.
You could get a little calf, then Tauros, then
some huge buffalo type thing. Yeah!
-I trained a bit in the tall grass outside of Olivine City. I also took the time to heal the Miltanks at the Moo Moo Farm and they gave me a TM and a Poké Ball Seal Case as a thank you. I also bought some Moo Moo Milk because it’s a great healing item.

-I caught a Tauros!

-Some guy in Olivine asked me if I wanted to trade a Krabby for a Voltorb. I agreed only because I have no clue when I’ll see a Voltorb. Then again, there could be a Voltorb in the lighthouse but it’s just easier to trade for it since I already have a Krabby.

-I tell ya, the nicknames these guys give to their Pokémon. I’ve never felt the urge to nickname any of my Pokémon. The only time is when I accidentally select to choose a nickname so I nickname the Pokémon whatever its actual name is. I do appreciate how most Pokémon traded in game are holding items, even if it’s just a berry.

-Cool, some guy in a house gave me a Good Rod. Now I can catch decent Pokémon when I go fishing.

-Ah! It’s Raikou, the electric legendary Pokémon! Go, Growlithe, go! Ah, who am I kidding, he’s at level 40 and he’s just going to run away. I hit him with a Flame Wheel and he runs away.
Growlithe went head-to-head with Raikou
and survived. Cus he's tough like that.

-Just a couple minute later, Raikou appears again. He’s kept the damage Growlithe inflicted on him just a moment ago. That’s pretty helpful. Once my Pokémon are stronger and I have Ultra Balls or Heavy Balls I’ll have to go hunting for it with a Ghastly that knows Mean Look or something.

-I’m off to the lighthouse. The Gym Leader is there and I’ll have to go find her at the lighthouse in order for her to return to the gym. Then I’ll kick her butt!

-Wow, I just fought a Gentleman in the lighthouse and he gave me 4,400 for beating him! I love battling with Gentlemen because they give you so much money. Oh yeeeeeah.

-It’s Growlithe vs. Growlithe! Mine’s at level 24, the other is at level 18. My Growlithe won even though the other guy used a Full Restore. Sucker.

-Whoa, there is a weird kind of 3D section in the Lighthouse. It’s impressive but it’s also a bit weird.

-I really like areas like the lighthouse. It’s full of trainers and they all have a nice variety of Pokémon types. It’s good training for my party. I’m also making some good money.

-For some reason, my mother’s called me several times now telling me she bought some items for me. The last time I was at the Poké Mart there were four different orders from my mom! There was three types of berries and one Super Potion.

-There is an Ampharos at the top of the Lighthouse that is sick. Jasmine, the Gym Leader of Olivine City, asked me to go to Cianwood City and get some special medicine to heal Ampharos. Man, all I do lately is healing other people’s Pokémon. Off to Cianwood, I guess.

-The way to Cianwood City is by the sea. I’ll have to use surf and fight tons of wild water type Pokémon and dozens of water type using trainers. It’s going to be a party and a half for my Flaaffy but I also want to take the time to train Feraligatr and Pidgeotto (I feel like I’ve been ignoring him lately). I don’t like travelling so much by water. There are so many darn water type Pokémon it gets a little annoying after a while. It will give me a chance to catch some Pokémon and work on the Pokédex though, that’s always a good thing.

-It seems like a weird choice to train Feraligatr in the ocean but he doesn’t care. He simply swims up to the plate and smacks his opponents around a little. Ice Fang isn’t super effective? Oh yeah? *Feraligatr bites them a second time, they faint, we move on with our lives*

-I got to Cianwood pretty quickly. The only time I used Flaaffy was to help me catch Mantine. Otherwise, Feraligatr is the only Pokémon I used. The Poké Center is right on the beach so I healed and then I went back out into the water because I missed a lot of trainers. There was lots of rocks and stuff to swim around and depending on the path you choose, you’ll inevitably miss some trainers unless you double back.

-Some guy in Cianwood gave me a level 20 Shuckle nicknamed Shuckie. It’s holding a berry juice. Now I can start my grand Shuckle experiment! I’ll probably wait until much later into the game, I bet this guy is a pain to level up. I’m still intrigue, though.

-Mere seconds later, I smash a rock and find a level 25 Shuckle! I fought it with Flaaffy (it was at the head of the party and I was too lazy to change Pokémon) and it took about ten hits to faint Shuckle.
This guy is awesome. 

-Score, I found a revive after smashing a rock!

-Another Shuckle battle! I use Charge in the hopes of needing less attacks to defeat it. Unfortunately, Shuckle uses Encore and Flaaffy is stuck using Charge. Oh, no. At least using Charge also increases the Special Defense. Man, encore lasts for turns and turns. When does it end? Flaaffy’s so charged he’s going to blow up the town.

-There’s one of the three legendary Pokémon, Suicune, chilling out on the beach. I spook it and it runs away. There is this guy who’s in love with Suicune and wants to catch it that pops up afterword. He wants to fight me and I’m happy to do so because he Pokémon are tough and it’s good training.

-I’m off to the gym. Chuck, the Gym Leader, is crazy. He’s meditating under a waterfall. Chuck uses fighting type Pokémon. I should probably use psychic or flying type moves but my Pidgeotto is a little weak to go up against these guys. Not only that, but fighting type have strong attack stats and Pidgeotto has relatively weak defense stats. It just doesn’t seem smart. Instead, I’m using Flaaffy to paralyze and they electrocute them. Flaaffy’s special attacks are doing some good damage. I’ll keep Feraligatr for the final fight with Chuck.

Chuck's gym was rather boring. 
-Overall the strategy worked well. Chuck’s Poliwrath was stronger than I expected. I wanted to use Flaaffy and use his electric type moves but all I could do was paralyze Poliwrath when he used Focus Punch and made Flaaffy faint. I had to rely on Feraligatr to beat Chuck and he pulled through. I used Agility to increase his speed and because of it Feraligatr always hit first so Poliwrath’s Focus Punch always missed (or lost focus or something). Unfortunately, none of Feraligatr’s attacks are effective against Poliwrath so they only did half the regular damage. That’s not a big problem though because Poliwrath wasn’t doing much damage himself and Feraligatr has good defense. The real problem was Chuck. He used a Hyper Potion on Poliwrath twice. I essentially had to defeat Poliwrath three times!

-As soon as I got out of the gym some random lady gave me the Fly HM. I used it on Pidgeotto. I think I’ll swim back to Olivine instead of flying though, I would like to train my party.

-Speaking of Pidgeotto, I have to say I’m kind of disappointed with him so far. I remember him being much stronger than what he is now. I might have to look into getting another flying type Pokémon to replace him. I might not, though. I have to look at its stats, the learn set and the TMs it could learn throughout the game.

-That’s it for today, I did a lot. Next time I’m off to Olivine where I will heal the Ampharos (and hopefully evolve an Ampharos of my own) and I’ll also go up against the Gym Leader.

I don't know what a pig monkey is but
Primeape is very cool.
Pokémon caught: Magnemite, Farfetch’d, Tauros, Staryu, Mantine, and Shuckle.
Pokémon traded: Krabby for Voltorb.
Gym Leader defeated: Chuck.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): None.
Evolutions: None.
Pokémon in party: Flaaffy, Heracross, Pidgeotto, Sandshrew, Growlithe and Feraligatr.
Highest level in party: Feraligatr at level 35.
Lowest level in party: Sandshrew at level 13.
Pokédex: 55.
Time played: 21:12. 

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  1. Dude! Made some good progress in this one!
    Your Pokédex is getting there. "Try looking for Pokémon during different times of the day." Thanks Prof. Oak but I know that already.
    Looking forward to our epic battle soon.