Sunday, 3 March 2013

PokéJournal: Update 008

Craphat tried to defeat me with
this guy. What an idiot.
-I’m in Ecruteak City and I'm going to explore before heading to the gym. I probably can't even go directly there because the game will give me storyline stuff to do I'm sure. I go to the Dancing Theatre first. There's a Team Rocket member harassing a dancer so I battle with him. He only has one Pokémon (Koffing) and Growlithe burns his ass. He's pretty modest about it though, good ol' Growlithe.

-Sweet, a pervy old man in the audience gives me HM surf because I'm a strong trainer. I teach Surf to Croconaw to replace his Water Gun move. It's a nice upgrade.

-I go explore the Burned Tower. Three legendary Pokémon are there! Nice. Growlithe vs. Raticate! Victory for Growlithe of course.

-Oh ho, Craphat is also here. Let's fight wimp!

-He sends out a Ghastly. I hate Ghost Pokémon, they have the strangest attacks and they screw up with your Pokémon’s status so much it's incredibly frustrating. Flaaffy defeats Ghastly but he's also pretty weak now.

-Craphat sends out Bayleef and I send out Croconaw. Let’s test his Ice Fang. One hit did more than fifty percent damage. Bayleef raised its defence and the second Ice Fang came just a couple HP from fainting Bayleef. He used Synthesis and raised his HP until just past half. I hate this guy. Oh sure, poison powder, just what I needed. Croconaw wins despite being poisoned!

-Next its Magnemite vs. Heracross. I used Brick Break and it breaks Magnemite’s Barrier (what does that even mean?) and knocks him out in one blow. It's super effective! Yes! Figther type attack vs. steel type Pokémon for the win.

-Last fight, Pidgeotto vs. Zubat. Zubat uses Supersonic and now my Pokémon is confused. Ah! Somehow Pidgeotto only has two HP left! Switch to Flaaffy, even under Ghastly's curse this should end quickly. Ugh, turns out no, it doesn't. I sent out Croconaw and his Ice Fang won us the battle. Ice Fang rules!

-Huh, there are trainers in here. Isn't dangerous to be hanging out in a burnt down tower? Thrill seekers, man. The trainer has a Growlithe. Man, his sprite makes him look so grumpy.

-Whao, this Firbreather guy has a Charmeleon! He’s pretty bad-ass. Hmm, it’s probably he’s fault this tower burnt down and not because of some legendary Pokémon called Ho-Oh or anything.

-I need to smash some rocks but Geodude is in the PC. I think I’ve come to a realization that Sandshrew is my new HM mule. He already knows Cut and now he knows Rock Smash. Onwards we go, beyond the smashed remains of rocks that used to be and are no longer!
Magmar, you're one of the ugliest First Gen
Pokémon. You've got a butt on fire as a head!

-Magmar appeared! I need to catch this dude. Oh shoot, Flaaffy is knocked out so I can’t use Thunder Wave and I think I’m too poor to use one of my Revives on this. What to do? Too much Smokescreen, my Pokémon can’t see anything. It’s so much more difficult to catch Pokémon than it is to defeat them. I’m guess that’s why they say “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” instead of “Gotta defeat ‘em all in battle like a pro!”.

-The combination of Croconaw having nearly no more accuracy and suffering from Burn is starting to make this look a little unwise. I guess I’ll revive Flaaffy. I better be careful though, Magmar will burn his wool off and then Flaaffy will be cold. It’s still February after all. I revived Flaaffy but I wanted to use a potion too so that he wouldn’t faint first thing once I send it out. It took two turns and Croconaw fainted. Damn. Ok, Flaaffy, let’s finish this thing. Cotton Spore (reduces speed so I don’t get bombarded with Smokescreen)! Thunder Wave! Magmar is paralyzed and in the red, let’s toss a Great Ball. Success! Wow, ok, let’s get the hell out of Burned Tower.

-So I spooked all three legendary Pokémon and they all ran off. Now I can chase (if I want to) two of them, the fire one and the electric one. I’m not really in the mood but I will eventually. It’s cool that they just run around all over the map.

-Stupid Zubat, go away. Stop bothering me. I need to heal my Pokémon. Wait, hang on. Growlithe knows Roar. I can just scare all the wild Pokémon away. This guy is great.

-Let’s go battle at the gym. Man, it’s dark in here. I guess Morty wants me to battle all his trainers before I fight him. Bring it on, man.
Morty wears a scarf because
his Pokémon are so evil they
chill his very soul! Uwaaaaah!

-Note to self, do not walk off the path. You will fall into nothingness!

-Holy crap, the first trainers has five Pokémon! I’m going to have to leave and heal at some point. Jeez, laying it on a little thick there, Morty. What are you so scared of? Growlithe? Oh, ok.

-Because this is a Ghost gym, I’m probably going to only use Flaaffy and Croconaw. I could use Growlithe but he’s not strong enough yet so I’m not even going to bother with it. I might keep him at the head of the party and give him some experience points.

-Man, freakin’ ghost Pokémon have the most frustrating attacks. Ghastly just reduced Flaaffy’s Thundershock PP by four and then by four again. What the hell, man.

-This gym has a puzzle. It’s a narrow walkway and every time you meet a trainer and defeat them, the lights go out. You have to walk around then, on the path, to continue. Thing is, with the lights out you can’t see where you’re going. It’s not too difficult though, you get to see how you can go around them before you enter the battle. You just have to remember it after you defeat a trainer.

-Croconaw, your Bite attack is going to make this gym kind of breezy. I might not have to go to the Pokémon Center after all. 

-Yeah, scratch that. I fell off and I’m at the entrance again. Might as well go next door and heal. Be right back…

-Oh sweet, the lights are all back on! Haha, take that gym puzzle!

-It’s time for my fight with Morty. First fight: Growlithe level 16 vs. Ghastly level 21. He uses Curse, loses half his HP. Growlithe uses Ember, Ghastly is in the red. Morty uses a Hyper Potion. Seriously, dude? I keep using Ember and Gastly does weird ghost moves. Every turn Growlithe gets Curse damage and he’s now at 1 HP (no foolin’). Ghastly is in the red and so I’ll use Ember. I’m hoping Growlithe is fast enough to attack first.

-He isn’t. Ghastly uses Lick and Growlithe faints. Ya barely had a chance, poor little guy.

-I send out Flaaffy because I want to save Croconaw for the stronger Pokémon that Morty has. Gastly keeps on licking and Flaaffy uses ThunderShock to teach him a lesson.

-Second Fight: Croconaw level 28 vs. Gengar level 25. He uses Sucker Punch, doesn’t do much. Bite knocks out Gengar in one hit. Amaaaaazing. Croconaw also levels up. Bring it on Morty! The hardest thing about your gym was walking on the narrow floor in pitch dark!

This guy was the worst. He kept
putting my Pokémon to sleep.
-Third Fight: Croconaw level 29 (yeah!) vs. Haunter. Nooooo, Haunter uses Hypnosis! That’s rude. I used an item to wake him up because I don’t want Haunter to use those messed up ghost type moves. Hypnosis again? Come on, man! Haunter tried to use Dream Eater but Croconaw is wide awake. Sucker (please don’t put him to sleep again!) Oh. My. God. Stop it! No more Hypnosis! This would be a really good time for Croconaw’s Quick Claw item to kick in. C’mon, gimme first turn. Nope, fourth time sleeping. What’s the PP on Hypnosis? My items are going to run out. I’ll keep trying to attack and hopefully Croconaw will wake up, Bite, and Haunter will faint. Oh great, now the Quick Claw kicks in. Useless, Croconaw is sleeping. Great, now instead of using items to wake Croconaw up, I’m using items to restore his HP. Stupid Dream Eater move. Haunter uses Nightmare. Croconaw has nightmares and wakes up, Bites Haunter in the face (what? He has no body, just a floating face with hands) and wins the fight.

-Fourth Fight: Croconaw vs. Haunter level 23. Haunter uses Night Shade, Croconaw bites him and wins. Man, why couldn’t the third fight have been this simple?

-Thank you for my gym badge and all the money. I have to go buy a gazillions items now. Thanks.

-I went to the PokéMart and bought tons of stuff. Now I’m poor again. Why am I having such a hard time with money? Is it because I’m using a lot of Poké Balls catching Pokémon? Is it because I’m sending too much to my mom? I might have to make a trip home and take some money from her.

-Anyway, I’m done for today. Next time: I’m off to the next town!

Pokémon caught: Magmar.
Pokémon traded: None.
Gym Leader defeated: Morty. I hate his weirdo ghost Pokémon.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): One, I upset him.
Evolutions: None.
Pokémon in party: Croconaw, Flaaffy, Heracross, Pidgeotto, Growlithe, and Sandshrew.
Highest level in party: Croconaw, level 29.
Lowest level in party: Sandshrew, level 13 (new mule).
Pokédex: 39.
Time played: 15:31

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