Monday, 11 February 2013

PokéJournal: Update 002

Ya done good at the gym, bud.
-It took longer than expect to level up Mareep to level 10. Its attack is much lower than its special attack and the only offensive move it knows is tackle. It makes for long battles than leave Mareep with low HP. Instead of deciding to go a little past Violet City to find slightly stronger Pokémon and splitting the fight between Mareep and someone else, I opted to go back to where I came from where the Pokémon are weak enough to allow Mareep to fight on its own. It worked rather well. Level ten!

-Aw man, why was I training in long grass when I could have gone to Sprout Tower and battle with other trainers? Man, it's been a while since Pokémon Silver. I’ve forgotten so much!

-Thanks to Pidgey and his gust move I'm zooming through Sprout Tower.

-I know it's juvenile but I smirk every time I encounter Craphat. It's all in the name folks. He acts like a jerk so I acted like a jerk when naming him. "All I care about is strong Pokémon!" Duh, but you have to be nice to them so that they become strong!

-I like it when non-battle related elements of Pokémon appear in the game. I’m thinking of things like the legend of a Bellsprout that grew so tall they built a building around it and it now acts at the main support pillar for the whole tower. It’s a nice touch that really helps contribute to the world building of the game.

-Lazy Mareep fell asleep fighting Hoothoot (he got hypnotized by Hoothoot).

-Ha! Two turns later Hoothoot got paralyzed for using a physical attack (Mareep's ability is Static which can cause paralysis). Sucker.

-How is Bellsprout able to use the Flash TM? It's a plant. Where does it flash from? I shouldn't complain too much, at least now I don't have to use Flash on Mareep. I get to leave some room for useful moves in his learnset.

-I really, really like gym battles. It's all about the experience points and the money! Really it's some of the few battles that are actually challenging in the game but preparation can make them easy. It all depends on how much you're willing to wing it. Falkner's gym was a breeze. There was tons of stuff to do around Violet City to train such as Sprout Tower, the dark cave and lots of tall grass. Mareep took out all the birds. I didn't even use Totodile. It was all too easy

-Sweet. I just found out Metapod is immune to sleep and maybe all status changes. It’s his ability.

-Into the Ruins of Alph I go. Yippee, I find my first Rare Candy. I love this stuff.

-My mom called. She used some of the money I sent her to buy an item. I have to go pick it up at the store.

-I solve a puzzle and I encounter a Unown. Those Pokémon are useless. They only thing they are good for is training for weak Pokémon because their only move, Hidden Power, sucks. I sent my Metapod to fight them and got it to evolve. Now I can put Butterfree into the PC and never speak of it again. All it’s good for is completing the Pokédex.

-Tomorrow I continue to explore the ruins. Once I’m done I’ll go pick up the package mom sent me.

Goodbye Butterfree, i'll be dropping you in the PC.
Pokémon caught: Geodude, Zubat, Hoothoot, and Spinarak.
Pokémon traded: None.
Gym Leader defeated: Falkner.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): None.
Evolutions: Caterpie evolved into Metapod, Metapod evoled into Butterfree.
Pokémon in party: Totodile, Mareep, Pidgey, Butterfree, Geodude and the Egg.
Highest level in party: Totodile, level 15.
Lowest level in party: Egg, level nothing.
Pokédex: 16.
Time played: 5:01.

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