Wednesday, 13 February 2013

PokéJournal: Update 003

This is what Bart Simpson looked like when he was born.
-I caught my first Unown. I think it's the letter O? Who cares. It's only good for the Pokédex. 

-One more puzzle solved. Ooo, a room full of items! Four in total! Two berries and two medicine items. It's weird that berries still exist but there are no berry trees in Johto. Is there a berry smuggling black market in the Pokémon games?

-I’m in a room with Unown markings on the ground. I'm pretty sure it says "Our clan engraved words in this place." Also, the Unown I caught is a letter C not a letter O.

-The egg is hatching!!! Oh my god, what will it beeeeee? Oh, right, Togepi. So cute. Too bad it's pretty useless in its first form.

-Aw man, Professor Elm called me. I have to go all the way back to my home town. I better get an item for this trip. I'm going to wear down my running shoes!

-I just discovered you can talk to the Pokémon that follows you around. Pidgey is "fighting off sleep."

-Yup, Elm gave me an Everstone. 

-Oh crap, I just remembered my mom mailed me an item, I've got to go pick it up at the mart. Maybe she'll give it to me if I go see her at home. I'm already in town after all.

-Nope, no item but she's talking to me about money. She's like a bank. Withdraw, deposit, low interest loans, etc. that's kind of weird but also kind of cool. I deposited money. I hope she doesn't buy any more stupid items for me.

-I pick up my package at the Pokemart. It's a super potion. Wow, thanks mom, couldn't have bought that myself. It's not like I went to the mart to pick up my package or anything. You know, that place where they sell super potions.

-Man, Johto has a mice problem. Rattatas are everywhere! You would think the Pidgeys would control the population by eating them but nope, not the case.

-Aha, fishermen up ahead. Time to put Mareep as party leader so I can kick some fish tail with ThunderShock! Mwahahahahahahaha!

-Mareep is evolving!! Hello Flaaffy My... you are super pink...

-Man, the Flaaffy that follows you is huge! It's almost as big as the hero's character. It's kind of cute walking on its back legs. Not as cute as Mareep though. You will be missed my friend, we barely spent any time together. I am PokéSad.

-Flaaffy vs. Magikarp: who will be victorious?!?

-It was Flaaffy. No suspense here. 

Front view.
-From the back, Flaaffy has the same hairdo as Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. No wonder it's such a strong Pokémon!
Back view.
-Ooo, some guy is trying to sell me a Slowpoke Tail for just 1,000,000! To buy or not to buy? I'll have to save my money and think about it.

-Next time: will I buy that Slowpoke Tail? I bet it's tasty!

Pokémon caught: Unown (letter C)
Pokémon traded: None.
Gym Leader defeated: None.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): None.
Evolutions: Egg to Togepi and Mareep to Flaaffy.
Pokémon in party: Totodile, Flaaffy, Pidgey and Geodude.
Highest level in party: Totodile: 16.
Lowest level in party: Geodude: 3.
Pokédex: 19
Time played:  6:06.

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