Thursday, 14 February 2013

PokéJournal: Update 004

-Bird Keeper: "That's a gym badge! You came from Violet City? You beat Falkner?" No dude, I stole it. Yeah, I beat Falkner! Send out your weak ass bird Pokémon!!

-For those who are wondering, no, I did not buy the slowpoke tail.

-Yes! I have an Old Rod! Careful Magikarp, I am going to catch so many of you!

-Right next to the guy who gave you an Old Rod, here is another guy who gives you two Lure Balls... Not kidding. Guys, I now have an Old Rod and two Lure Balls. I’m not making this up!

-I enter Union Cave! Man, this is going to be a great place to level up my water type Totodile!

-Caught a Sandshrew! I love these guys. Yup, I'm gonna keep this dusty little bastard in my party.

-Im a little sad the wild Geodude are stronger than mine. Oh well, that's what happens when you don't train.

-Totodile evolved. Croconaw looks like a it's wearing a caveman toga thing.

-I just battled a PokéManiac. Man, he's dressed in green lizard costume and it reminds me of the chapter in Warren Ellis's Crooked Little Vein where the main character encounters a movie theatre full of giant lizard fetishist watching Godzilla and various other giant monster movies edited down to a quasi-sexual film. Keep away PokéManiac! Don't look at my Croconaw that way!

-Where you able to exchange phone numbers in the original Gold and Silver? I really like that feature. Fighting other trainers is more rewarding than fighting wild Pokémon and it’s nice that this allows you to fight some trainers more than once.

-I like that Magikarp is a useless Pokémon but it later evolves into a pretty useful one. Isn't Gyarados one of the easier dragon type Pokémon to acquire in Generations I and II?

-Oh ho! Team Rocket! I'm gonna whoop you! I generally don't care too much for the Team Rocket storyline at all but I appreciate that it gives you time to fight, make some money and level up your party.

-Oh no, all the Slowpoke are gone from Azalea Town. It seems someone (Team Rocket) has stolen them and is selling their tails. Good thing I didn't buy one!

-Girl in Old Man Kurt's house: "Grampa is gone, I’m lonely..." Um, are you hitting on me? Pidgey, attack!!

-Off to fight Team Rocket in Slowpoke's Well.

-Next time: I fight and beat Team Rocket (what? Their PokéFu is weak!) and I might get my second gym badge.

Pokémon caught: Sandshrew, Magikarp
Pokémon traded: None.
Gym Leader defeated: None.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): None.
Evolutions: Totodile evolved into Croconaw
Pokémon in party: Croconaw, Flaaffy, Pidgey, Sandshrew, and Geodude.
Highest level in party: Coconaw at 20.
Lowest level in party: Geodude at 3.
Pokédex: 22.
Time played: Forgot to look. 

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