Thursday, 21 February 2013

PokéJournal: Update 005

Bugsy has a stupid name
but she's a strong gym leader.
-Team Rocket Grunts are sleazy lowlives but they give you a good amount of prize money after you defeat them in battle. Fund my Pokémon adventure you goons!

-Poor Team Rocket leader, his name is Proton. That’s rough. I wonder when and where I’ll meet another leader call Neutron, etc. You know it’s going to happen.

-I like to trade numbers with other trainers so that I can battle with them again later on in the game. It’s kind of annoying though when they call you just to let you know that their Rattata is better than all the other Rattata. "In fact, it must be in the top percentile for Rattatas!" What a loser. I look forward to beating you again in battle, Joey. Remind me to bring a Rattata.

-Thanks Kurt, from now on you shall make all my Pokéballs for free!

-Ugh, I hate when you’re trying to catch a wild Pokémon (Slowpoke) but he’s weak and your Pokémon is strong. You paralyze him, but nope, not good enough. So you cause some damage. Nope, somehow Slowpoke is not letting himself get caught. Ok, more dama—Critical hit?! Nooooooooo! To think, the only reason I went back to Slowpoke Well was to catch a Slowpoke. I see many battles with Zubat in my future . . .

-Finally, another Slowpoke. I’ll use Sandshrew this time to avoid damaging the Slowpoke too much. HP in the yellow, switch to Flaaffy! Use Thunder Wave to paralyze and toss the Pokéball and done. Welcome to the team Slowpoke. I will toss you in the PC.

-Time to battle the Gym Leader. She uses bug type Pokémon which means my Pidgey will get a chance to kick some butt and maybe evolve.

-I forgot that your Pokémon tend to get poisoned a lot when fighting with bug type. Should have bought more antidotes.

-I can’t believe the Gym Leader’s name is Bugsy. Ridiculous.

-Aw, crap. Scyther took out my Pidgey in one move. Damn. What?! My Croconaw fainted too! What the heck, man? How is Scyther so strong? Where is that fire starter Pokémon when you need him? Help me Flaaffy, you’re my only hope.

-Help me Flaaffy, you're my only hope.

-Help me Flaaffy, you're my only hope.  Help me Flaa -- shit, sorry. I got stuck in a loop there.

-Ok, so Thunder Wave to paralyze. Oh? Electric is super effective against Scyther. Is her a flying-bug type? Awesome, Flaaffy is clearly one of the best Pokémon.

-Only one Pokémon to go and it’s Kakuna. I sent Sandshrew out but the guy is only at level 7 and he scratched like a little wimp and got poisoned. Naturally, he got benched. Great, now Flaaffy is also poisoned. Jeez.

-Oh sweet victory and 1800 dollars! Everybody, quick, to the Pokémon Center! Oh great, mom calls me and tells me she spent some of my money again. You know what, lady? If it’s not a Costco sized pack of antidotes I don’t want it!

-The package from mom contains five chople berries. They are fun to say but that’s about it. Chople, chople, chople.

-Craphat challenges me to a battle! You know the Rival is a bad trainer because he doesn’t even carry around a bag to keep all his items in.

-Man, ghost type Pokémon are so weird. They’re sneaky and ruthless but also kind of weak. They’re so strange.

-Sandshrew learned Poison Sting. Now he has a useful attack, woot!

-Bayleef vs. Croconaw. Yes, I’m at a type disadvantage but who cares? Croconaw is strong . . . unless he’s fighting Scyther. Those bastards are quick. What the heck? Bayleef has an attacked called Synthesis that makes it heal! No fair. Bite, Synthesis, Bite, Synthesis, Bite, flinch, Bite, Synthesis, Bite, flinch, Bite, Reflect, Bite, Poison Powder, Bite, victory! And that’s the story of how I beat Bayleef.

-Off to Ilex Forest to catch some guy’s two Farfetch’d. Man, what in the world is the plural of Farfetch’d?

-I just found a revive item. Man, I could have used one of those during the battle with Bugsy.

-It took much longer than I thought it would to catch the second Farfetch’d. There was a puzzle involved, where you chase the Farfetch’d around and step on sticks to make it look in the direction of the noise. Anyway, I guess I’m dumb because it took a while.

-My prize for catching the two Farfetch’d.(Farfetch'ds? Farfetch'd-izes?) is HM Cut! Yes! Let’s go explore the rest of the forest.

-Ok, forest Pokémon, nobody mess with Croconaw. He just learnt Ice Fang and it’s awesome.

-You know, it’s really difficult to capture a Pokémon when it uses Self Destruct. I’m talking about you, Pineco. Anyway, Geodude knows Headbutt now. I’ve going back to Azalea Town to find a Heracross.

-Wow. It took seven Pokéballs to catch Heracross and it’s only at level 3! Such a low level and it already knows four moves, amazing. I love her already. She’s definitively Party Pokémon material.

-Heracross looks awesome walking behind me.

Pokémon caught: Slowpoke, Oddish, Paras, Heracross,
Pokémon traded: none.
Gym Leader defeated: Bugsy. I beat her.
Fights with Craphat (Rival): Kicked his butt even though Bayleef has a good healing move.
Evolutions: none.
Pokémon in party: Croconaw, Flaaffy, Pidgey, Geodude, Sandshrew, Heracross.
Highest level in party: Croconaw (20).
Lowest level in party: Geodude (3).
Pokédex: 26.
Time played: 9:08.


  1. I too hated the Farfetch'd puzzle thing. Plus it was irritating that wild pokemon kept attacking while you were walking around trying to head off the Farfetch'd. And Flaaffy is like one of the best party pokemon ever! I love it!

  2. Flaaffy is great but I like Ampharos more. Now that I think of it, Flaaffy is probably my least favourite of that evolution family.

    I'm a bit upset that there were no actual Farfetch'd to carth in the forest. Because it doesn't evolve into anything you get to catch it, add a Pokémon to the pokédex and get on with your life. Oh well.